Meet with the community

We meet with the community before finalizing any project plans to ensure that we gain the community’s feedback on projects, listen to new ideas and build trust through the process.

Develop a one-time project

All of our projects are a one-time push to create an income generating project, or otherwise develop policy to create positive impact in the community. Each of these projects are built with the end goal in mind to transition that project to complete community ownership and operation.

Monitor each projects’ implementation for sustainability

we want to ensure that each project shows evidence of long-term sustainability before we transition to community ownership. We take part in extensive and detailed monitoring and data collection, coupled with community feedback on each project to ensure that we’ve created a lasting impact.

Transition to community ownership

This transition achieves multiple objectives of Kope Foundation. We empower the community by having them own the projects that benefit them; we change the mindset of many in Northern Uganda that non-government organizations are permanent service providers; and we ensure that the community is deciding its own future.


Project Developed, Awaiting Funding


Project Developed, Awaiting Funding


Development stage